• Hardware to brighten machine intelligence

  • We're working to create smarter, safer, and more useful machine intelligence.

    Fathom is building an optical computer that replaces electricity in processors with light, allowing super-parallel operations. Our optical processors will allow training of human-brain-scale neural networks with unprecedented performance.

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    welcome to the best job you've ever had

    Part of Playground Studio

    Our main offices and labs are located at Playground Studio, an 80,000 ft^2 high tech warehouse with machine shop, electronics labs, conference rooms, offices, and meeting areas. Playground Global one of our lead investors manages more than $800M.

  • Competitive Salary and Equity

    We offer competitive compensation and startup equity.

    Cutting Edge Science

    Work on the frontier of science. Build what others might consider science fiction.

    Shape the future of Machine Intelligence

    We're keenly aware of the responsibility that comes with building powerful ML hardware.

    Public Benefit

    We're a Public Benefit Corporation. A positive future for all is our top priority.

    Gourmet Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Snacks

    3 warm meals prepared by our in-house chefs daily. Plus unlimited snacks, gourmet coffee, and beverages.

    Healthcare Benefits

    Our comprehensive benefits make it easy to take complete care of yourself and your family.

    Commuter Perks

    With Caltrain down the street, free EV charging, and other commuter benefits, it’s easy to get to work and be a part of the solution for the environment.

    Unlimited Vacation Days

    Your personal time off is yours to enjoy. Take it when you want it, just remember the sunscreen.

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    380 Portage Ave, Palo Alto