Erik Nelson


- 10+ years in optoelectronic devices and device/materials characterization
- Led technologies from R&D to high volume manufacturing at Lumileds
- Designed and built Fathom's 3D optical links
- Georgia Tech, Ph.D. in Material Sciences UIUC, Harvard

Why Fathom

I’m leading the development of Fathom’s optoelectronic devices and their heterogeneous integration onto silicon. And of course, this includes the integration of those technologies with our broader system. The system we’re developing at Fathom is highly interdisciplinary, and the scope of the development challenge within each discipline is also broad. For an engineer or scientist, the work at Fathom provides an exciting opportunity to utilize the breadth of one's knowledge and experience, and to gain exposure to new disciplines.

What sets Fathom apart, in my view, is that the company grew out of a technology-agnostic search for a solution to the interconnect problem that currently limits AI (and computing in general). Fathom began with an objective analysis of the fundamental limitations in computing and the possible solutions, selection of the best approach, and construction of a team to make it a reality. The result is a unique, multidisciplinary approach that provides the technology platform upon which all future computing hardware can be built.