Francisco Silva

ML System Architecture

- Expert in compilers and machine learning
- Previously founder and software lead at Sphere Ultrafast Photonics
- Ph.D in Laser Physics ICFO Barcelona & U. Porto

Why Fathom

My driving passions are to build devices, develop new technology and put it in the hands of people - and Fathom sits right at the intersection of those interests.

When I first heard about about Fathom I was quite intrigued by the approach, and the more I discussed the project and plan with the team the more I understood that it is an out-of-the box solution that attacks the root of the computing problem using a combination of existing technologies that hadn't yet been applied to computer architecture.

This new architecture provides a general technological platform for computing that will remove many of the limitations in current systems - and is perfect to accelerate deep learning training.

During my day to day at Fathom I write software that runs on our system and see first hand the possibilities that this new combination of technologies unlocks.