Phil Winterbottom

VP of Engineering

- Youngest ever fellow at Bell Labs, software and distributed systems
- Previously COO & VP Engineering at Gainspeed
- Head of Product Ericsson leading $550M/year optical telecom business
- CTO & Founder Entrisphere
- Track record of building and shipping complex electronics, optical and software products
- Founded and exited three startups for $500M

Why Fathom

I started my career at the Computing Science Research center at Bell Labs where I worked with the likes of Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson. I learned an appreciation for simple elegant designs that fix one problem perfectly. I started out building distributed systems on some of the early RISC multiprocessors and have seen that technology move from computer centers to laptops. Over the years the gap between memory and processor speed and networking and interconnect has limited the performance of everything I have built. Moreover current solutions to the problem have increased system complexity through cache hierarchy and complex networking so that it’s hard to see where we go next.

So when I was introduced to Fathom I saw something unique - a team trying to solve one the hardest problems in system architecture in a completely new way. The future of computing is a mixture of optics and electronics and Fathom has developed the key foundational technologies to make this happen. It's rare to find a startup working on fundamental problems with such a great multidisciplinary team - I knew I wanted to work with them on this problem.